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Windows Security Essentials

This is a free antivirus Microsoft Protection Suite, made to let you use your computer and the internet without worrying about your digital safety.
The software contains several packages made to protect you from virus, spyware and other dangerous software.
Windows Security Essentials gives you realtime antivirus protection for home- and (small-) business computers.

Most important functionalities include:
– Superb protection against malware
– Compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.
– Windows Security Essentials is available in more than 30 languages.
– Will protect your computer while running on the background.
– Automatically updates itself with the latest virus definitions etc.

Windows Security Essentials

…is build for home-users and small companies with up to ten computers. You can download the free antivirus program from their website.As soon as it is installed, it will automatically update itself when necessary.

Microsoft Security Essentials antivirus is efficient and compact. Scans and updates will take place on the moments you are not actively using your computer.

The Windows Security Essentials antivirus software suite is available for FREE.
Keep in mind that it’s mainly intended for use by single persons (You) or small companies with a maximum of 10 computers.
If you need virus protection in a more professional Windows environment with more workstations, you ‘re probably better off looking for more advanced software, like Windows Defender Antivirus or check out some of the other alternatives to Security Essentials on this site.

I want to Download Microsoft Security Essentials!
Downloading and installing the software is free and easy. Just go to the Microsoft website, download Windows Security Essentials and run the installer.
It will automagically guide you through the installation and you will be protected against virusses immediately.

Windows Security Essentials

There are more free antivirus programs available! Alternatives to Windows Security Essentials Antivirus.

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